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Samantha's    3 New Burlington St, London W1  
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Samantha's 1 November 08, 1966
Samantha's 1 November 08, 1966.jpg. Click on the picture to enlarge

Adrian  and another


Samantha's 2
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Very hard to find anything about Samantha's at all - yet it got a lot of press when it opened I'm sure - for the décor and particularly the E-type dj booth. 


fantastic adrian, where did you find this foto... allways wanted to see it ... ah.. memories... allways went to samatha's after le kilt or la poubelle bevor i went to eat a cheesburger with double portion of french pommes frittes and salad with f french salatdressing and of course a huge banana spilt with a lot of chocolate at "mike's dinner restaurant next door to samantha's.. .. thank you adrian... fantastic site ... 


sorry pommes frites only one "t"... 


A friend sent it to me - and he got it from the Getty site - but I can't find it there. 


Ahh Samanthas . If anything evokes the time line , James Bond et al it is that club. Slightly more pricy than the others, Burlington St was the "good " Mayfair not Soho side of Regent St, 100 yards from West End Central Cop shop! No fights there! Down we would go through the railings to the lobby where the picture spun to just a red/white/blue circle. Jean-Pierre was the manager , I think it may be he behind the bar in the picture. The first time I went was with Adrian, cigarette hanging from his lips, trench coat over shoulders a real "gunzer mucher". I doubt if we even paid as we were together. My first impression was it was full, smokey with a golden E-Type is the middle of the floor and seeing some Kilt people dancing up a storm . I can even remember the tune " I spy for the FBI" playing.
In about 1967 or 8 if I went there I would end the evening/ear;y morning by walking over to Bond St to the "Sands". A real popular cafe/restaurant for the NW Londoners with their MGB s and TR6 s parked outside. . If we were really hungry well there was "The Golden Egg" at Marble Arch. How we drove the waitress crazy with our orders at 2 am .Hmmm sweet memories

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Samantha's 3
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nme disco2
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